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New blog = LIVE

Shoul I stay of should I go?

10 October 2014

Recently I'v been thinking a lot about blogging and whether I still wanted to do it. So many blogs I've read over the years have started focusing on consumerism and materialism. I was not sure whether there was any purpose in it, or whether there was any place for me in the blogosphere.

My life is busy enough nowadays, I'm just about to apply for a job as a junior doctor, we may need to move house (or country) once I finish my degree,  we'd love to start a family before I'm 30 years old.

There is so much to think about, so many important decisions to take. 

Is there any place in my life for writing, taking pictures and first and foremost, why do I want to make it all public? 

I've thought long and hard about this over the past week and I decided that I didn't want to give up blogging for the following reasons: 
  1. Blogging about my life encourages me to be more conscious about my time and how I spend it.
  2. I love writing. I used to write a lot when I was younger (diaries, letters, journal, creative writing) and I want to continue that. 
  3. I want to document my life.
  4. I don't want to be just a consumer of knowledge on the Internet. I want to be a contributor. I am inspired by other people and I want to be a source of inspiration. 
  5. I want to meet like minded people and connect with them. I hope this blog will be a good platform for that. 
  6. I want to prove to myself that living a creative and meaningful life is possible, even when one wants to pursue a professional career. 
So this weekend I will be launching a brand new blog with a brand new name and purpose. I will be sharing my photographs, travels and thoughts on various topics. 

I hope you'll join me. 

- Malgosia

Life snippets {i.e. bear with me}

5 October 2014

We came back from Skye on Sunday evening and even though we had a wonderful time (more on that later) I've only just managed to catch my breath this weekend.

It was the last week of my orthopaedics placement and in addition to the usual assessment I had to re-sit my ortho exam as the paper we had been given the week before turned out to be from last year and therefore outdated (!).

Luckily, this weekend has been kind to me:  I managed to polish our little home, bake some brownies, work a little bit and I also started planning our Christmas trip.

I'm planning to write more regularly here,  not for any other reason than the fact that documenting my life encourages me to make more conscious decisions about how I spend my time (goodbye to hours spent on Pinterest collecting >>eating clean<<  recipes and >>summerhouse projects<<  ideas!).

Anyway, I hope you had a relaxing weekend and that we'll have a chance for a proper catch up soon!

- Malgosia