Bedroom makeover {process and result photos}

23 September 2014

Last week we had a pretty dire bedroom and almost no money to change it. Today we have a pretty bedroom and are short only about £50. The problem with our bedroom is that it is on a ground floor and faces the street. Which means that you can have a conversation with a neighbour with only a thin glass window between yours and her face. As we're renting there's not much we can do about it, but on Friday I've had enough. So in a true "Little Green Notebook" moment we did DIY.

Here's what we bought:

  • supplies for two small bedside shelves in IKEA
  • one photo frame
  • linen fabric for a headboard and foot-board cover (since we can't change the bed I figured I could sew a cover.  I didn't even knew headboard covers were a thing! but there you are. thanks Pinterest.)
  • gold paint in homebase
One revelation I had on Saturday was that golden paint was probably the only thing that had been missing in my life. I was pretty much like Midas the whole weekend. J had to stop me from painting everything gold.

To fill the space above the bed we printed a big photo from our last year's trip to Capri. 

The plan was to clear out all the rubbish from the room, replace it with pretty things and decorate an empty wall above the bed. Here is what it looks like now:

 I painted old candle jars with the gold paint from the inside to create a pot for my earings. I also painted my old set of drawers called FIRA  (from IKEA). The pattern is not perfect but it looks much better than previously. The Paris watercolor - an old find from a car-boot sale (£1.50).  And Tartin Bread just matches the colour scheme. (#winning # stylist #not)

As you can see I also painted my reading light in golden. Couldn't help it. 

So that's it. A simple makeover which didn't cost more than around £50 in total. The most expensive item was the grey fabric but I'm over the moon with how it turned out and the fact that this is no longer in front of my eyes when I wake up in the morning!


  1. Oh I love how these little touches can transform a room! It looks fantastic! Esp love the gold paint, might be investing in some of this when we move next month!

    Lou ~

  2. ładna ta złota farbka. też mam niektóre ksiązki tak poustawiane żeby pasowały kolorem do rzeczy na półce ;d
    i w ogóle ładnie wyszło, ale to sama wiesz. strasznie dawno się nie bawiłam w żadne diy, chyba zaraz będzie ze dwa lata, ale tak już mam że jak w coś się bawię, to rzucam się w to z glowa z potem porzucam (dlatego np. nie mamy wymienionych zdjęc w ramkach od powrotu z islandii).
    aaa i nyc map! to nie kumam, jedzciecie w końcu czy nie?

    1. jedziemy na Boze Narodzenie... i tak do Polski nie mozemy jechac w tym roku wiec przeynajmniej nie bedziemy w domu sami siedziec. tylko martwie sie o to gdzie bedziemy spac... ceny pokoi sa jakies astronomiczne a na airbnb nie bardzo z kims tak na swieta mieszkac...moze masz jakies hotele do polecenia?

    2. nie, bo sami spaliśmy na airbnb, ale myślę że mogłabym polecić naszego hosta, bo i tak prawie nigdy go nie widzieliśmy, ceny na tle innych noclegów wyszly w porządku (chociaż nadal drogo jak na nasze wyjazdy) no i dobra lokalizacja - na astorii, blisko do metra. mieszkanie czyste, wspólna łazienka - nie wiem czy to dla Was problem, dla nas żaden. chcesz linka?

  3. Wow! The transformation is really coming along nicely. I can already imagine how beautiful everything will look, once you've finished. I also love your decorating ideas. I'm definitely taking them to heart as inspirations once I start my own bedroom makeover. Thanks so much for sharing that! Wishing you a happy autumn!

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store