Perfect frame

11 April 2014

Before going to Capri last summer, I imagined the perfect picture I would like to take. It was a beach full of people scattered here and there with a handful of people swimming in the sea. All seen from a cliff high above, beach-goes the size of ants, with colourful umbrellas dotting the white sand. Very vogue, you get the idea. Of course photography rarely works that way, and my case was lost from the very beginning as there are no sandy beaches in Capri. I was determined to look for opportunities to take a perfect frame, capture the moment I'd like to put up on a wall and remember what it was like being on this gorgeous island.

My perfect frame is not what I thought it would be. We went for drinks to one of the bars near Gradola beach (read rock shelf with a ladder). The sun was setting in the background and we enjoyed a few drinks and munching on pistachios. We laughed a lot because I got tipsy quite quickly as it was still before dinner and we usually skipped lunch in favour of gelato.

When it was time to go, we walked back up the steep steps to the bus stop and I spotted a lifeguard's red boat anchored near the rocks where we were sitting. It looked perfect on the background of dark blue sea and a faint silhouette of Ischia island on the horizon. I changed my camera settings to RAW and took the picture above.

When I look at it I remember the warm breeze from the sea, how content we were after a strong drink and with a prospect of a tasty dinner in one of the small Capri restaurants. Often the perfect frame is not the one you paint with your imagination, but one that finds you when you least expect it. (please excuse the cheesiness...)

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