Switzerland in analog

9 March 2014

8 years ago I decided to take a photography course in the Palace of Culture and Knowledge in Warsaw. This very unloved building, still a hallmark of Warsaw even though it no longer dominates the capital's skyline thanks to the newly added sky scrapers, is home to various state- funded education establishments which remember the communist times as well as the janitors and dinner ladies in state schools. My course involved 3h of photography per week, including equipment hire, access to a studio and a dark room (for about £20 per year). My teacher was a nature photographer who travelled the length of Vistula river to create a series of photos of local birds. He had a ponytail and wore a classic fisherman's sleeveless jacket with 100s of pockets. It was the best course I've taken in my life.

Jakub and I started taking pictures with handed down Zenits and here is a sample of Jakub's work from his trip to Switzerland in 2006. As you can see the scanner and Zenit added a bit of charm to the photos. None of the pictures were edited.


  1. to są gołe skany, bez obróbki? skanowane w labie czy domowych warunkach? dobrze wyglądają. pytam bo w poznaniu skany teraz strasznie drogie, ale zadowolona z tego naszego skanowania w domu nie jestem, zwłaszcza że wymagają potem masy obróbki. a nie robimy nie wiadomo ile filmów żeby opłacało się kupić dedykowany.

    1. sa zeskanowane prosto z negatywu na specjalnym skanerze w labie. mielismy do takiego dostep jak bylismy na tym kursie w PKiN