Man batters fish // The best fish & chips in Scotland

7 March 2014

This is what I googled last Saturday afternoon and that's how we made a decision to drive up to visit Anstruther Fish Bar in the Kingdom of Fife across the Forth Bridge. Anstruther won the independent fish and chips award in 2008 and 2009 and according to the website this where you will find finest raw ingredients, cooked with skill and expertise to produce the tastiest fish and chips - all served with a smile and a dash of salt and vinegar (no vinegar for me though).
 Drive across the Firth of Firth. Remember that part of Ann of Green Gables when she says she's afraid of crossing bridges but she has to look to make sure she doesn't miss the moment when the bridge collapses? For some reason I have this quote stuck in my head.

It was a beautiful drive via the Fife scenic route, about 45 miles from Edinburgh, up and down the hills with a frequent glimpse of the sea (as in pictures above). At first, we got a little lost in Anstruther and ended up in a small harbour just in time for the sunset (coincidence? doubt it).

You could see the Isle of May on the horizon, a small island at the entrance to the Firth of Forth which is a home to sea gulls,  puffins and seals. It is thought that the island name comes from the Norsemen who called the island Maa Oy, which is norse for gull island. Unfortunately the sea was a bit rough that day and we later learnt that the ferries only operate from April to September (£24 for a return).  We'll have to make sure to go back one day, the journey there and back takes about 5h, easily doable for a morning trip and then a lunch of the best fish and chips in the country.

After reaching the main harbour we ordered the takeaway of haddock with chips (£5.90 per portion). We then settled on one of the benches facing the boats with sea gulls jealously circling above our heads to enjoy our meals. And let me tell you, it was the best fish and chips I've eaten in my life (not that I'm such a connoisseur but it was truly delicious.) The batter was very thin and crispy and fish perfectly flaky and succulent.

 "Man batters fish. I was not near the place, he claims" - get it?

The town of Anstruther is a lovely place to visit on its own too, a very worthy detour when visiting St Andrews as it's located only 9 miles south from there.  It even has a small Scottish Fishery Museum and the Caves of Caiplie are accessible from there as well. 

 ^^ ultimate dream. One day we're going to buy one of those and travel around Scotland, Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

It started raining and was getting rather dark shortly after we finished eating and it was time to go home. I wish we started our trip earlier on in the day to explore Anstruther a bit more but it was one of the best weekends of February, that's for sure.

On our way back we stopped on a beach to take some more pictures of the rough sea.

Now we have to make plans to try some of the other Scottish classics.
Deep fried mars bars and pizza anyone?

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