Edinburgh walks // Architecture

19 March 2014

On Sunday after a long breakfast we headed off to wander around Edinburgh. We usually just walk in the residential areas, to discover how other Edinburghers live, to take pictures, discover new parts of the city. We started our walk in the West End and headed towards the Gallery of Modern Art (a must if you visit Edinburgh, even if you don't like modern art, it's a pretty perfect place to get away from the festival crowds and stop for an impromptu picnic).
 ^^ We stopped on Dean Bridge to take some pictures.

And walked on towards the Modern Art gallery. On the left hand side I spotted this tiny bay window.
On the grounds of the Modern Art gallery there were some interesting road signs.

After turning right we ended up in the Mews area - the Edinburgh New Town mainly consists of grand tenement buildings and town houses. Mews are small houses built at the back of the grand rows of sandstone buildings. They used to be servants' quarters in the past, and now serve as trendy properties perfect for quirky conversions. If we were ever going to stay in Edinburgh for good I would be saving my pennies for one of those houses. 

This is what a typical mews street looks like. With parking spaces being so scarce in Edinburgh having a garage is a bit of a luxury.
^^ I'm fascinated by modern mews conversions. This one was one of the best ones we've seen that day.

We walked on towards the Dean Village.
 Here someone built a glass conservatory. I bet they have a nice view from that floor. And it's warm in the winter. Perfect spot for reading books and sipping hot chocolate. Although J says it's probably freezing cold and draughty.
This house is slightly unusual, reminds me of case study houses from California. 
The Dean Valley itself is a place by the river which used to be a settlement famous for its mills. It's a little known place for tourists and one that we only dscovered after about 4 years of living in the city.  This house reminded me of New York brownstones.
 Some random window placements on the side of this tenement building.
And 18th century vs 20th century 
 I bet people living in the Dean Village can forget they live in the capital of Scotland, I mean, they live by the river, surrounded by trees, very little traffic, no cars or tourists, what's not to love. Some houses have staircases that lead all the way to the river banks. Normally we would walk to the St Bernard's well and Stockbridge but it looked as it was going to rain so instead we headed up to Dean Bridge.
 Where J spotted this sun clock.
 This building looks like straight from "Shakespeare in love", doesn't it? After a long walk we were desperate for some coffee and cake. Unfortunately our favourite Italian cafe Affogato was closed so we headed to Grass Market to try Lovecrumbs - arguably the best place in Edinburgh for cakes (they sell out pretty much every day).

It was a good afternoon. Reminded me of when I first arrived here and was quite taken by this grand city.
PS. Here is a link to our walk on Google maps including the route and places I mentioned in this post. I will add more Edinburgh walks this year.


  1. dzięki - przyda się przy planowaniu szkockiego tripa. bardzo lubię muzea sztuki współczesnej, bo nawet jak nie rozumiem za bardzo wystawy (bywa, często), to często gęsto są to naprawdę fotogeniczne budynki/wnętrza.
    aha, to mi przypomina, że nie odpisałam Ci na maila - jak czegos od razu nie zrobię to zapominam, poprawię się po weekendzie.

    1. mnie Kuba pare razy zaciagnal do tej galerii i nie bylam zachwycona ale rzeczywiscie jest w ladnym budynku i mozna sobie polezec na trawce w sloneczny dzien.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love just going for a wander and checking out the houses and such. Sometimes it's just about going for a walk and just exploring :)

    1. thanks K! it's one of my favourite types of strolls, even though I lived in Edinburgh for over 6 years now there are still unexplored nooks and cranies.

  3. Beautiful photos - I love seeing a different view of the city that I live in... especially when it's done creatively


    1. thanks for stopping by and commenting Kirsty!