Destination 2014

25 March 2014

After thinking about it for what seems like ages, we finally booked tickets this morning. (here's a little photo quiz.. sorry to be such a tease)

We're going to Bali!

It's going to be our first ever trip outside of Europe and I'm super excitied. Bali seemed like an easy destination to travel to and ticked all of our boxes: sandy beaches, good food, friendly people, completely different culture to Europe, safety...I hope it will leave up to our expectations.
We're flying from Edinburgh to KL and then straight to Bali with Air Asia so I'm hoping we will survive this first long haul flight of our lives. We have to decide whether we want to spend any time in Malaysia as well but since we only have two weeks I think we may want just to go to Bali and then maybe Lombok or Gili islands.

We have lots of planning to do so if you've been or read any interesting articles/ blogs about travelling to Bali please share in the comments!

Here's what we want our holiday to be like:
  • 50% culture (sighseeing etc) and activities (hiking, walking, biking etc.)
  • 20% food  (a cooking class perhaps)
  • 30% chilling on a beach/snorkeling etc (I should probably reverse the order)
So, have you been to Indonesia? Any tips/ recommendations/places to visit/avoid? I already googled "how to avoid being bitten by a monkey in Ubud" so no scary stories about getting rabies please.

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  1. i super! a kiedy lecicie? w sumie to słabo kojarzę relacje które mogłabym polecić, ale to dlatego że zazwyczaj zaczynam się interesować naszym celem podróży dopiero po zakupieniu biletów. a bywa że za planowanie się biorę na tydzień przed, jak schodzi ze mnie tzw. bomba i potem długo długo nic nie robię :d

    1. lecimy w lipcu na dwa tygodnie w koncu tylko bo jednak zdecydowalismy sie tez jechac na festiwal. troche ostatnie hura zanim zaczne pracowac. musze znalezc jakies dobre zrodlo informacji bo poki co widzialam tylko skrajne relacje: albo hardkowowi backpakerzy ktorzy spia na plazy albo w hostelach z karaluchami albo bogacze w willach z conde nast. ale ciesze sie niesamowcie. tylko lecimy dreamlinerem, na co moja mama mi odpowiedziala ze ma nadzieje ze nie skonczymy jak ten lot z Malezji.