A Piglet, a woman and a dinosaur

12 March 2014

The title of this posts sounds like the 8th part of The Chronicles of Narnia, whereas in fact it's just about some photos I took when I was learning about photography. 

When I received my first camera as a gift I was fascinated with macro photography. I would spend hours taking pictures of flowers, insects and frogs. I loved how much detail the pictures revealed: the texture not seen by the naked eye, the light playing in the contours and shapes of the objects I photographed. This fascination has now passed (fortunately, one can only take so many pictures of tulips and flies ). As I was looking through the archives of my analog days, I found those four pictures. 

One of them is a my friend's ring, the other two are small plastic figurines, the piglet's name was China and the dinosaur's Józef. They remind me of good old high school days. Jozef's party trick was standing on his head. #nostalgia

None of the pictures were edited. They were scanned directly from the film using a lab scanner.

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  1. I really love macro photography, one day I hope to get a nice lens for my camera to try it out :)