Sunday links + weekend photos // no.2

9 February 2014

 My favourite breakfast these days. J started baking bread.
 not sure how I feel about the colours of this blanket, but at least it keeps me warm.
 car-boot sale find. £2.
 my very imperfect RAST hack and the essential accessory for norwegian hiking.
favourite reads

How was your weekend?  I'm counting days until exams (4 days left) and procrastinate by over-thinking travel plans for next summer. I love watching the Olympics, have you been following the games? (Kamil Stoch has jumped 105.5 m right this minute).  I googled: "how many medals can Poland count on in Sochi"  and guess what number came up? 120. A bit optimistic I guess.

Anyway, here are some things I've enjoyed reading this week:

My friend's travelling in South America. He's now in Cuba. (in Polish)

The silent drama of photography.

Three amazing pictures of animals: 1, 2 and 3

Picture I wish I took.

Finally found the solution to my life long problem. It works!

What I want to build in Poland.

Awesome people reading.

A peek into living over the Arctic circle.

And a couple of posts you might have missed:


  1. I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because it led me to your pretty one! You mentioned you are going to Indonesia! My husband used to live there, and visited him there:) We had such a great time…nicest people and beautiful scenery! I'm also LOVING the olympics!! So great:) And I see you are from Poland! You must tell us the best places to go…my husband and I are planning a trip to Eastern Europe!! love Katie

  2. only 4 days! I bet you are counting down the days! and i am totally addicted to watching the olympics.

  3. awokado? ;> lubię takie śniadania, ale u mnie obecnie kanapki peanut butter and jelly i banan :D
    a co do fajnych linkow - wiekszosc znam, ale kilka nie widzialam, teraz przeglądam ;)

    1. mhm, awokado poprawia kazdy posilek do ktorego sie je doda. ale tylko w weekendy dostaje takie sniadania niestety. w tygodniu jogurt i granola ...

  4. That breakfast looks incredible! My favourite is avocado, bacon, tomato and scrambled eggs in a wrap. Delicious. Really need to buy avocado more!