Sunday links // no.1

2 February 2014

I was very surprised by the number of people who followed our little blog via Bloglovin after Rosie's post, so I just wanted to say hi to everyone.If you're here for the first time: welcome, it's so nice to have you!

This blog is written mostly as a journal of our life abroad and to keep our families posted about what we've been up to, but it's nice to see that other people are reading along too.  I would also like to write more about Poland to show the rest of the world what an awesome country we come from.

Anyway, here are some links to the posts you may enjoy reading:

The best kept secret on the Isle of Skye.
Is it the Caribbean?
How Norwegians spend their summer holidays?
What I miss the most about Poland.
Being a toddler was fun.

And 6 fun links from this week:

Why I want to have a dog.
Feminine and affordable clothing, handmade in Poland.
Interviews with designers and creatives about their inspiration and life. (you may need Google translate for this one)
On my desktop.
Ballet dancing with baby - yay or nay? 

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  1. I'm glad to have found your blog through Rosie's. Lots of nice links for me to while away some hours with!