My favourite thing to do in Norway

29 January 2014

I met K when I was doing my first degree here in Edinburgh. I wanted to surprise my then boyfriend (now husband) so I bought tickets to Oslo for £12 return. I knew K was in my year but I didn't know her very well. One day, I sat next to her in a freezing lecture theatre in George Square, I remember the heating wasn't working and it was a haematology and immunology lecture. I asked if she could recommend any things to do in Oslo in June. "Why don't you come to my summer house?", she asked casually. And that's how I met my best friend, thanks to cheap Ryanair tickets. Life can be weird sometimes. 

Now, whenever we visit K's summer house in Norway, my favourite thing to do is to wake up super early in the morning, make a cup of strong coffee and walk barefoot to the top of the rocks. It's just me, seagulls and the sea. K's summer house is on a small island, which allows for unobstructed views and a light breeze in the mornings. It's weird to think that if it wasn't for the low fare airline, I would not have had a reason to speak to K on that cold morning and would probably never had a chance to visit Åkerøya. 
I seldom share personal thoughts here as this is not what I want my blog to be about. In an ideal world this blog will be about how I quited my everyday life, sold all my possessions and went travelling the world with the love of my life.  I would earn my living by taking pictures of places, people and food and contributed articles to the LP Traveller (predictable and a slightly pathetic, I know).  My second option is writing about how I went on an expedition to Antarctica as a doctor. 

But this is simply not what my life looks like. I'm a big daydreamer, a trait I inherited from my dad who can chat for hours about the things we're going to do when we go to Iceland (sit in the jacuzzi sipping cold wine and watching the aurora borealis, or going on a road trip around the island stopping by to take pictures of glaciers and drink sweet tea from the thermos flask.). He sends me emails with pictures of the places we're going to visit one day (he goes through phases: there was Switzerland, New Zealand, Italy, now it's Iceland). My mum says she envies me and dad because we  live two lives: the one here and the one we daydream about. 

So anyway, this is my favourite thing to do in Norway and this is a story of how I met my best friend. 

PS. This post was inspired by Miss S. , who writes a beautifully honest blog about her life and Edinburgh.

a walk from the summer house to my favourite spot
 and that's the view
somebody's platform around the rocks
 evenings are pretty awesome too. #nofilter

 a tiny light house
 morning light is the best
 it's unusual to see no jellyfish close to the rocks
 me chatting with my other friend who came to Norway with us

 me and K next to Trolltunga. ps. I'm not pregnant
and that's K sitting on the tip of the rock. gave me chills. 


  1. Lovely pictures! Thanks for the mention :)

  2. Those rocks look as if they were hippos sleeping underwater!

  3. SO glad to have found your blog, it's absolutely stunning! <3

    1. thanks Rosie, I'm adding you to my Bloglovin' right now:)

  4. What incredibly beautiful views! You are so lucky and also so lucky to have a wonderful friend. xx

  5. umarłam, pięknie tam jest. najwiekszy plus studiowania zagranicą to musza być znajomi z różnych krajów, których potem można odwiedzać!

    1. to akurat prawda :) Kathrine (wyzej wymieniona) np ma super kolezanke z Japonii ktora ja zaprosila na dwa tygodnie mieszkania z jej rodzina w Tokio (all expenses paid, nie pozwolili jej nawet raz w restauracji zaplacic!). a wyjazdy do Norwegii co roku sa super, jeszcze zima musimy pojechac kiedys bo oczywiscie Norwegowie maja tez kabine w gorach oprocz domku na wyspie...

    2. oczywiście ;) no cóż, ja tylko mogę zaprosić do poznania, nawet działki nie mamy!

    3. mi sie strasznie marzy dzialka w Polsce gdzies. albo na jakis mazurach albo na kompletnym zadupiu zeby sobie siedziec pod lipa w wakacje i jesc truskawki z miski. w Poznaniu nigdy nie bylam (wstyd, wiem) ale dobrze mi sie kojarzy bo sie wychowalam na Jezycjadzie :)

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