Capri holiday on a budget // Prices & Photos

30 January 2014

Budget holiday is a funny term, isn't it? I mean, everybody who goes on holidays has a budget, it's just for some it's unlimited and for others not. We certainly belong to the latter group and 2013 was a year of a big failure and a small success in that department. 2013 was the year when I had my last long holiday before becoming a doctor. My holidays this year are only 4 weeks long and before I start my actual job in 2015 I will get about 7 weeks with a graduation conveniently placed right in the middle of that time. I was planning a big trip to Asia. We had a modest budget and then J's passport expired and my holiday of a lifetime just didn't happen. It's ok, I got over it (eventually).

My point is, I needed a plan B. 

Amalfi coast came to my mind, think Roman holidays, driving on a Vespa in Rome and then lounging on a terrace overlooking the Med. It seemed like a perfect idea, but our budget stayed the same. We had about £600 per person and Amalfi coast is one of the most expensive places in Europe. I don't remember what was the topping point and why we eventually decided to go. Does it really matter?

Here is how we made it happen (let me have a look at my spreadsheet, yes that's how I plan holidays):

I'm only sharing this in case going to Capri is your dream and you think it's not possible on a modest budget.

Flights (Ryanair I'm afraid )280.82
Room in Rome (1 night)47.06
Train Rome-Naples Salerno-Rome100.32
Ferry Naples-Capri33.04
Room in Capri (4 nights)409.7
Ferry Capri- Salerno (via Positano and Amalfi)30.1
Room in Salerno (1 night)71.67
Room in Rome (1 night)77
Food 210


Even though this was an expensive holiday for us, it was 100% worth it. We could have saved on accommodation in Rome and Salerno, but in Capri we really went for the cheapest option available.There is not even a hostel on Capri and I don't think you can camp on wild land, I'm not even sure if there is any in fact. We also could have paid the same amount and go on an all-inclusive holiday to Spain or Egypt (no, thank you) or just stay at home and put this towards another trip. 

How did we manage to survive for £30 per day, I hear you asking? Well, a pizza in a small family-run restaurant costs between €6-15, gelato about €2-5 per portion, we drank tap water and cheap wine.
The best pizza I've eaten (from Pizzarium) was only €8 for two lunch portions. We walked and took buses everywhere. Another tip: In Rome you can go to Campo di Fiori market and by your bodyweight in olive oil and fresh bread. 
 Pizzarium - pizza sold by weight. amazing.
Hiring a private boat costs about £150 per day. nope, nor for us. but makes for a pretty picture even from the distance.

If we had more money I would have definitely hired a private boat to go on a trip around the island and snorkelling. Maybe next time. 

As I said before, the best things on that trip were for free anyway: our hosts in Capri Umberto and Ciro who welcomed us like family, waited for us in the evenings and offered a shot of limoncello or past for dinner before going to bed, views from our terrace, swimming in the cold sea and looking up at the white cliffs. 

Even though I love Europe, J has now applied for a new passport and I'm definitely making the most of those 4 weeks of freedom in 2014. 
 lots of private boats.

 Could this water be any bluer?

 the one time we went for a drink. it was worth it.
view from Augustus Gardens

 there are no beaches in Capri. For an entrace to a beach club you pay about 20 euro, and another 20-30 for a lounger and a towel. ^^ This you get for free.

 I know I look very sad in those pictures, I just have a tendency to close my eyes when I have my picture taken.
 from a ferry to Salerno. This is Positano or Amalfi, can't remember.
 looking good J :)
 reading on the terrace was my favourite thing to do in the evening
 another free view #nofilter


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PS. was this a useful post, or am I over sharing?