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18 January 2014

Almost a year ago I had a chance to do a little bit of printmaking at Edinburgh Printmakers. I thought it was the middle of winter but it turns out it was March and winter just decided to make a little come back to Scotland.

Printmaking is something I've always wanted to try and hopefully will get to do more of in 2014. I've admired the work of Edinburgh-based printmakers and illustrators such as Mina Braun, Fiona Purves, or Robbie Porter   for a long time and it was exciting to finally see what it's all about.

I didn't have much time to prepare for the class so I quickly put together a typographic template in Photoshop. We were using a screen printing technique where ink is pushed through the stencil against the surface of the paper, using a squeegee. (I only had my phone camera so please excuse poor photos quality).

First I used a pencil to copy my design onto a transparent paper.

Then it was used to make a stencil. This involved developing the stencil using UV light and then washing it with water (which I haven't really undrestood, more classes needed me thinks!)

The best stage was choosing the paint colour - our group went for purple.

Pushing the paint through the stencil mesh is very satisfying. Now the prints just need to dry and are ready to be trimmed.


I'm not  particularly happy with how it turned out but it was fascinating to see how screen printing works. I would love to do a series of classes at EP this year and become a member so I can work at the workshop on my own in the evenings.

Here is a website of Edinburgh Printmakers. They have a little gallery and a shop with art of local artists - worth checking if you're in Edinburgh.

Have you done screen printing or other form of printmaking before?

23 Union St, Edinburgh EH1 3LR

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