Isle of Skye: Part 2

16 December 2013

I'm only writing this post because I know only a handful of people read my blog and most of them are friends. Here comes the best kept secret of Scotland. You're welcome.

I can't decide what was the best thing about staying in Skye - the scenery or the Shepherd Huts.
When you wake up to a view like this, you don't have reception in your phone to be distracted and you stop feeling the urge to instagram your morning so you can focus on actually enjoying it.

Janet has thought about everything when it comes to making your experience as good as it can possible be. In your huts you will find a super comfy bed with super-high-thread-count-feels-like-a-cloud-cotton bed linen, a wood burning stove, a dyson heater, a folder with all the leaflets about the best local restaurants and attractions, super fluffy towels, a sink and a table, tea & coffee, cutlery, two super fluffy cotton robes and even a Skye scented candle. You walk in and you will actually say wow because it's so awesome.

There are only two huts and the views are pretty much unobstructed by anything, so you can sit outside in your PJs in the morning, enjoy a cup of tea and be sure that no one can see you, maybe apart from the two donkeys who wonder around the huts and will occasionally walk up to you, lower their heads so you can pet them (#cute).

In the evening Janet will leave out a card so you can tick what you'd like for breakfast and at what time. She will then knock on the door next morning and bring you something like this:

Yep, eggs benedict, croissants, granola, fresh fruit, juice, coffee, heaven.

After a breakfast like this you can move mountains. Or drive 45 km down a super narrow lane to Elgol.

The drive itself took us over an hour. Elgol is where you can board a boat and go whale watching. Definitely on my to do list when we go there next time.

Once you see the whales and feed the seals you can drive up to see famous Fairy Pools in Glen Brittle.
 Pretty, no?

 You can also take artistic photos.
 Give your wife a heart attack because you will go too close to the edge of the rocks.

 or even take an intentional bath in the Pools!

 Jump through some streams.
 Pretend you are in the Hobbit.

 Wonder how this little pool has formed.

 Pose on a stone in the middle of a stream.
or just stand in the water and test your wellies.
 Then, drive to Portree for some ice cream and coffee.

 Walk to the harbour.

 Take some more pictures that you will never use or show anyone, but you like the colours so why not take another picture.

and then come back to your hut for some well-deserved dinner.

 and then read books in your hut, have a cup of tea and wonder whether if you locked yourself inside then maybe Janet would let you stay there forever. You could help with the donkeys and dogs and other hutters.

The first couple of our friends to come visit us in Scotland will get a trip just as above. Come on people. Scotland is awesome. Book your flights. Now.

Part 1 of our trip to Isle of Skye

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