29 September 2013

For the next 35 days I will be living in Warsaw. I haven't lived there for over six years so I'm looking forward to seeing what's new, rediscovering my favourite places, rekindling old friendships. 

From what I've seen on the internet and during a number of short visits, Warsaw is changing. Even though I haven't grown up in this city, I have a lot of good memories from it; it's where I lived on my own when I went to high school, where I made some of my best friends and met my husband. 

Tonight I'm starting a new tumbler on "35 days of Warsaw" where I will be taking a picture a day using a simple digital camera. My friend Kristina said that moving back to a city you once knew gives one a new kind of sensitivity, an opportunity to see it almost as though you've never lived there yet finding some aspects of it familiar. I'm looking forward to it and I will link my new tumbler once it's ready. 

Take care! 

Picture above taken by J in Warsaw's Old Town a couple of years ago.

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