It's been a long while...

15 August 2013

... since my last post. There won't be many apologies for this silence though, life got busy, as it usually does, and we didn't have time to document it. It seems like this phase is over now (fingers crossed) and we can go back to enjoying a slower pace and focus on what's important.

Writing in English comes easier to me now than it used to say 6 years ago, but still when I read my words they seem a little rigid, not quite forced but they don't flow as well as I would like them too. Perhaps with writing more often I will get into the swing of it all - we shall see.

To give you a quick update of what we've been up to: we still live in Edinburgh, we still miss Poland but will probably stay here for longer than we've already had done. I'm much closer to finishing my medical degree. We both discovered that travelling is what we love more than we expected and we try to do it more often and write about it.

Yesterday we came back from a beautiful trip, which I will share more about soon.
For now I'll sign off with saying that we grew to kind of love Scotland and feel at home here.

Speak soon!


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