100th post

5 November 2011

It's hard to believe we've reached the 100th post since we started this blog. I have to say it became a bit of an addiction for both of us; it encouraged us to take lots of pictures and never leave home without a camera to document our life more regularly, which is exactly why we started blogging in the first place. Thank you for sticking with us for the past 4 months !  I'm not sure in which direction this blog will go, for how much longer we'll be living in Edinburgh or what surprises life will bring to us, but the past 100 posts were so much fun there is no way we're giving it up !

Here are the 10 posts you seemed to enjoy the most:

  1.  Our 6th anniversary 
  2. Travel diary: Fuerteventura
  3. In search of 44 Scotland Street
  4.  Seen through the artist's eyes
  5.  Mini home tour
  6. IKEA RAST hack
  7.  Tiny landscape in a coffee cup
  8.  The sunniest day ever
  9.  My commute
  10.  A few snapshots from my birthday

Happy 100th post to us!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  1. Moje gratulacje! Życzę teraz 1000. Piękne zdjęcie! Gosiu, unosisz się nad ziemią na tej fotce. Super. Pozdrawiam. M. Ola

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post, keep them coming. Beth x