Sunday I'm in love...

23 October 2011

... with the film "The Help". We just got back from the preview screening of "The Help", which is based on one of the most talked about novels of this year, and a #1 NY Times best-seller written by Katrhyn Stockett.

 My first thought was that this book was about the civil rights and race separation in the US in 1960s, but now I think there is much more to it. The novel describes how a young aspiring journalist from Jackson, Mississippi embarks on a secret and risky writing project with two black maids - Minny and Aibileen at a time of civil rights movement in 1960s. A lot of the points and threads of this story are universal and timeless though. Kathryn Stockett beautifully describes the social pressures and behaviours, how easy it is for us to conform only to get an appreciation of the group we want to be part of. Both the film and the book are full of hope, courage, humour, determination for a change in social structures and the value of staying true to yourself. It made me both laugh and tear-up and is became my favourite film of this year.

The film has definitely lived up to my expectations. It's out in the cinemas this Wednesday 26/10 in the UK.
PS. Here are extensive reviews of the film and the book in the New York Times and an excerpt from the book.

and a trailer:

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