Summer makes a comeback

2 October 2011

This last week has seen a summer making a comeback all over the country, with temperatures reaching high 20s.  Even though we only got a couple of sunny days in Scotland last week ( and a pretty gloomy weekend), we made sure to get as much sunshine as possible, having our lunches outdoors and walking to and from work instead of taking a bus. I had Thursday off so I wandered around the town, spent some time in the Princess Street Gardens and had a long morning walk between Lenzie and Kirkintilloch on the way to the classes. 

I was sad to see that straw drying was over on the fields of the Central Belt.

instead there are a lot of cows

pretty colours on the houses in Lenzie

and a silhouette of a church

and misty mornings...which can also be very beautiful. 
Have a lovely start of the week!

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