Doors Open Days

6 October 2011

One weekend in September a lot of beautiful places and buildings in Edinburgh opened their doors for the public. You could go into buildings usually only available for the members of various associations such as chess-clubs, photographic societies, merchant associations and even to the City Chambers. We didn't know which places to go to, so we just wandered about the town and dropped into the buildings which seemed open on the day (we were kindly asked to leave from the Photographic Society building as it turned out they had a meeting on a Saturday and were only opened on a Sunday, oops). Some of the places were already fully booked for guided tours, but we didn't mind too much. Equipped in bottles of Ribena, we happily strolled about in the sunshine talking about the lives of people who lived in this city before us. 

West End village.

Charlotte Square gardens covered in flowers

this is what is left after the International Book Festival.  

In the back garden of the Simpson House, 52 Queen St

Windows of the 52 Queen St house.

Polish house in Drummond Place 

Charlotte Square looking rather grand.

Merchant House, 22 Hanover St

Impressive dome of the Merchant Hall

Jungle City in front of the National Gallery

We didn't manage to see at least 4 buildings we wanted to, but we can always try next year. The city felt very welcoming and inviting on that sunny Saturday. Here is what we saw in the end of our day:

Why, thank you Edinburgh.

PS. Most of the pictures edited by myself, but for some of them I used color correction layers by

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