Cosy minimalism V.4: Gothenburgh

20 October 2011

For this week's cosy minimalism series I'd like to share a beautiful studio apartment from Gothenburg. My first impression was that it was extremely minimalistic, however with a mixture of textures and some colourful accents it softens up a little bit and the space works beautifully. I think the main advantage of this studio is the light and white floors, which give an illusion of a bigger space. Although, knowing mine and J's love for books, vinyl records etc. I think it's unlikely we'd ever be able to keep our flat as minimalistic as this one. What do you think? Is it cosy enough? Or does it just seem too empty? Also, don't you love the Smeg fridge (further down) ? I do.

Who wouldn't like to live in a building which looks like Moomins' house?

What are your thoughts? Too minimalistic or cosy?


  1. I really like that, although is that meant to be a table in the bedroom? Would be pretty useless!

    I also love Gothenburg, a lot of the houses are like that on the outside, so cute.

  2. yeh, I wasn't sure what that was. Definitely wouldn't work as a table, maybe for magazines? We've never been to Gotherburg but we're thinking about a roadtrip through Scandinavia this summer:)

  3. Wow this is my dream home. Unfortunately we own too much stuff. I have recently been pondering how I can incorporate the minimalist elements while owning so much stuff. Still not a clue.