Book covers: Lizzy Stewart

7 October 2011

I love reading books and since I started to commute last year I have an extra 2h a day to read a book on a train. I have to admit sometimes I nap or listen to my iPod and pretend I'm in a movie. 

But I digress.

Book covers can be very pretty. I found this website of yet another (until recently) Edinburgh-based illustrator Lizzy Stewart, who draws absolutely beautifully. Here are some examples of my favourites: 

Aren't they beautiful? I fell in love with almost everything on Lizzy's website. I guess you can tell I have a soft spot for illustrators

© Lizzy Stewart 2011

PS. if our books had pretty covers like these ones, this wouldn't even cross my mind.


  1. These are lovely indeed. I want to have a few hanging above my desk. PS. Have you read any of these books? Love in the Time of Cholera is amazing! xo m.

  2. I loved this book and I still come back to it from time to time, so beautifully written, isn't it? In general I'm a huge fan of Latin-American literature. I also read Wuthering Heights when I was a teenager and ever since wanted to live in the UK for some time:)