Sisters' sewing project

8 September 2011

I was planning to sew some cushion covers for quite some time. The ones we had in our living room were very out-dated and hideous to be quite honest. Both me and J are huge fans of simple, clean and uncluttered design so initially I considered fabrics by a Finnish design house of Marimekko, but I wanted something more affordable. The fabric by Cilla Ramnek has caught my eye on one of our trips to IKEA and yesterday I finally took out my tiny sewing machine and we started sewing with my sister. It was so much fun measuring the fabric, pinning, sewing. None of this would happen though if it wasn't for J who is the only person who knows how to set up my sewing machine. I know it sews, but it's still a machine, right? 

So here goes our sewing project: 7 cushion covers and tonnes of fun :)

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