Seen through the artist's eyes - Mina Braun

2 September 2011

Today we'd like to share a mini-interview with Mina Braun, whose recent exhibition "Time to Wonder"  we've been admiring for a while now in The Red Door Gallery in Victoria St. Mina is yet another Edinburgh-based illustrator, originally from Germany. In her dream-like illustrations and prints Mina pictures endearing characters, their states of mind and emotions often using motifs of trees, leaves and birds. To both me and J, Mina's artwork is smile- and daydream-inducing. So instead of deciding which prints of hers we'd like on our walls, we browse and think and browse some more and smile and we can't make up our minds (we want them all).

Anyways, here is what Mina said about her inspirations and Edinburgh...


Could you tell us about your work?

 I am an illustrator, with a passion for printmaking.I am very interested in visual storytelling and books. When I work on designs for my prints, I think of them as captions taken from the sequence of a story.  

What inspires you? 

A lot of my inspiration comes from the realm of folklore, myths and fairy tales. I take a great deal of inspiration from nature, particularly forests. Childhood and the relationships we have with ourselves and our environment are also important to my work.

What do you find unique about Edinburgh?

First of all the architecture of course. Secondly, in Edinburgh you get great views everywhere and no matter which lane or street you look down, you always either see the sea or the hills. The first thing I would miss about Edinburgh is how you have so many great walks hidden all over town and how you easily find nature spots everywhere. 

Where would you take a visitor for a walk in the city? 

Hermitage Forest, Arthur's Seat, Dean Village.

Favorite café?

Recently discovered "Spoon" and loved it. "The Bakehouse"unfortunately burnt down, but "Kilimanjaro" and the "Chocolate Tree" are both great. 

Where would you go for lunch with friends? 


Thank you so much Mina for answering our questions !

For more of Mina's artwork you can check her website and blog

* All illustrations © Mina Braun 2011

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  1. Love Mina's work. Every picture tells a story!