It's time for a mug of cocoa

24 September 2011

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M:     Can you make me a cup of cocoa please?
J:       For 12 zl*? (meaning : plain)
M:     No, for 16 zl (meaning with foamed milk and marshmallows/ice cream)

A cup of cocoa in the evening has become my guilty pleasure as of recently, especially if I happen to have a good book to read. (Have you read "The Help"? Honestly, it's such a good novel. I can't wait to see the film.)

Also, ever since we've been to Norway for the first time, I want to buy a mug with moomins, aren't they adorable? And the facemask mug (No.8) is not only pretty but how useful too. No. 7 is by a Polish pottery designers Boleslawiec. Imagine someone getting a full mug No 2. and discovering the shark once they've had a couple of sips :).

PS. More designy coffee cup 

*zl is the abbreviation for Polish currency Zloty.

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