11 September 2011

Since it's both of us strolling about and around, the idea was that we would both write. It's been over two months and I haven't spoken yet, so I decided I might as well post something tonight.

Now that I've started writing I hope I will appear here more often. I walk through some of our favourite parts of Edinburgh on a daily basis so that should give me enough material for at least a few posts. There's loads more to come than that, though, so watch this space!

This weekend we really hoped for a bit of summery weather but instead it got a bit crazy with both sun and rain. Apparently the one to blame is the hurricane Katia coming from the east coast of the US. Let's hope it isn't too bad tomorrow. I always say that September is one of the nicest months in Edinburgh with a touch of warmth and sun. That's a bit deceiving for the university freshers before the dark winter months!
However, the thing about Edinburgh is that it's often very dreary and then unexpectedly the wind would push the clouds and let the sun through. When that happens the quality of light is unique, just like last week when I was walking home:
Very uplifting!

Now, with the gale and rain outside, I think it's about time to fix us some tea. Or would hot chocolate be more appropriate?
Have a good week and let's hope for some more sun and warmth this month!

1 comment:

  1. The light is really good and clear.
    I love picture you both take and I would like to have them on the walls at home .
    They are uplifting. And a cup of tea in a breezy day would do OKay.
    Especially for a coupple :D