Hannah Zakari

18 September 2011

Although we've lived in Edinburgh for over 4 years now, we still discover new places, parks, little shops and hidden gems tucked away in narrow cobbled streets. One of them is Hannah Zakari on Candlemaker row, which we visit whenever we go for a stroll down to Grassmarket.

I love so many things from this little shop, that I simply couldn't decide on one when I was writing this post. So I chose my 9 absolute favorite things that would make me smile every day ( J helped me choose these as well). Also, one of the Edinburgh-based graphic designers Gill McColl ( whom I hope to interview in the near future for our project) has recently designed a beautiful LookBook for a new collection of exciting additions to Hannah Zakari.Being a typography geek I just had to download the font used in the new branding for HZ. 

But I digress.

Here are my picks from the beautiful range of jewellery, prints and accessories from HZ indie shop:

  1. Soft Cream Girls Print  by a Japanese artist Naoshi
  2. Cross-stitch bobby pins with mustaches
  3. Rainy cloud bobby-pins
  4. Sea Lion Print by Verity Keniger. Gorgeous.
  5. Bonjour Madame print by one of my all times favourite printmakers Cosas Minimas
  6. Bon Jour brooche. It would make me feel a bit French.
  7. Hello brooche. Very friendly brooche.
  8. Croissant earings. Can it get any cuter? (one is a pain au chocolat, did you notice?)
  9. Camper Van Plant Pot. Minimalism, pretty, useful = good design.

I'd recommend you have a look at HZ website, and definitely pop into the shop when you're visiting Edinburgh. Last time we've been there we got free mini-cupcakes! 

PS. All images copyright of Hannah Zakari 2011.

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