For your Monday morning - Ben Heine

4 September 2011

Today I'm still in Ireland enjoying a long weekend, but J is already in Edinburgh. I forgot it was the end of the festivals weekend and we missed what is probably the best annual fireworks show in the Scottish capital, such a shame. I bet it was amazing. But oh well, maybe next year. 

I wish you all a wonderful Monday morning ( oxymoron?)

 and I give you some impressive pencil vs photography artwork by Ben Heine. He says he got the idea for this series when he was writing a letter and watching television at the same time.  He noticed that he could see the transparency of the television through the paper and he thought it would be interesting to create a single image using two different actions. Clever, no? 

You can check some more of Ben's work at his website and flickr.

* All pictures via Ben Heine's deviantart , text about the inspiration for the pencil vs art series from 

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