Wanderlust - Finland

4 August 2011

Recently we started considering going to Scandinavia for a weekend away. We both grew up reading The Six Bullerby Children, other books by Astrid Lindgren and the Moomins. Then we fell in love with Norway while visiting my friend's summer house on the Southern Norwegian coast. I've always associated Scandinavian lifestyle with being close to the nature, going fishing with the whole family, being more proud of one's boats than cars, good simple and functional design, delicious hearty food, being practical and enjoying life in general. I'm not sure how many of these are stereotypes, but during our holidays in Norway, most of them turned out to be true.

This time though, we'd like to go to Finland. Sleep in an ice (or glass) igloo, go cross-country skiing and listen to the silence in a snowy forest (preferably while sitting in an outdoor hot-tub and watching the Northern Lights). I wouldn't mind going to one of the Marimekko stores in Helsinki either.

Have you ever been or are you from Finland? What's it like?

*the first 5 pictures by Jakub (Norway, 2009) other pictures from the top by: Christine Sterne (picasa web album), Katiak (via picasa web album) and Igloo Village

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