Wall art should make you smile

2 August 2011

By Handz on Etsy
by Dear Colleen
by Handz on Etsy

via Pinterest (of Jennifer Robison Knauer)

Our walls are pretty sad and empty just now. We moved flats recently and still haven't settled in properly.  For our first  wedding anniversary we decided to buy ourselves a  piece of art made of paper i.e. a print, but we still haven't chosen one. This could make a nice tradition, one piece of art per year would leave us with a pretty good collection when we hit the gold anniversary. Personally, I would only buy art which brings positive feelings. When it makes me laugh, I want to have it immediately. There is this one print in the Red Door Gallery, which makes us both laugh and I'm pretty sure this will be our anniversary present (I couldn't find it online but its title is 'Blue Tits').

J thinks that wall art doesn't necessarily need to make you smile.  It should evoke emotions. But the positive ones work better for my sanity. I wouldn't like to be scared of my walls, or moved to a point of crying. 

What kind of art would you be happy to buy? What criteria do you use when buying art? Do you have any favorite prints which make you smile?

by Jessica Sutton via Etsy

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