Mr Wood's Fossils and Swedish cakes

23 August 2011

Last Sunday the weather was glorious so we set off for a walk around the Old Town. We spotted this curious little shop selling fossils*. The Grassmarket was packed with tourists so we took a shortcut through the graveyard and went to the National Museum of Scotland. We've been there every weekend since it re-opened after refurbishment and are still in awe of the work that was put into all the different exhibitions.

did you know that whales (my favorite mammals) have fingers?

 This dress was worn by a lady who attended a ball in Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. I  love its color, but it must have been a nightmare to wear while dancing. 

There was a nice view over Edinburgh from the top floor of the museum. There is also a roof terrace, with some amazing views all the way to Calton Hill.

After browsing through the exhibitions we went to Peter's Yard for delicious Swedish cakes and juice. 

my sister had a blueberry cheesecake.

and I chose a chocolate sponge cake with pears. 

If you're visiting Edinburgh, I would definitely recommend the National Museum as one of the places to see. There are a lot of spaces designed for children to play and discover new things about our planet and even a small cinema with a movie about the Space and star dust,  

I learnt the following things during our latest visit:

- whales have fingers and we share 82.6% of our DNA with them
- malachite is a beautiful green gemstone
- whales used to have little legs but lost them in course of the evolution. 

Bonus: it's completely free.

*Apparently you can buy dinosaur's poo there.

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