Merchant Maiden

14 August 2011

Last Saturday we walked through the Grassmarket and it turned out there was a small antique fair happening. There weren't many stalls, but we browsed through some of them. We weren't looking for anything in particular and ended up buying two copies of the Merchant Maiden - the Edinburgh Ladies' College Magazine - one from 1927 and the other from 1930.

As we learnt later on, it was published by the pupils of the Edinburgh Ladies' College, which later became the Mary Erskine School. The school celebrated its tercentenary in 1994. It was such a curious read, full of old adverts (with very nice typography), funny stories and poems written by the young girls, pictures of hockey teams in old fashioned outfits. You can tell the girls had many extra-curricular activities and lots of clubs to get involved in. There were poems about exams, rugby matches, cherry cakes, Halloween, Autumn.  

It's almost like a little peek into the life of an independent school back in 1920s.  Also, we can now track down the addresses from the ads and see whether there are any signs of the old businesses there. This little bit of history was a bargain at £1, I'd say.


  1. lovely shots. looks like fun! I love the old keys! I collect vintage keys and make jewelry with them.

  2. I was thinking about buying one of the tiny ones and using it as a pendant.