In search of 44 Scotland Street

11 August 2011

I learnt about the 44 Scotland Street book series at a family gathering back home in Poland. A family friend asked me whether life in Edinburgh was any similar to the one described by Alexander McCall Smith in his books about residents of Edinburgh's New Town.

Well, having read the books while on a daily commute to Glasgow (and having received a couple of evil eyes on the Glasgow subway), I can say that there must be some truth to the chic lifestyle of 44 Scotland St residents. Floatarium is an actual place in Stockbridge and so is the Cumberland Bar, there are many galleries on Dundas Street (one of which may well belong to someone like Matthew) and Moray Place has a rather grand garden right in the middle, however, I'm not too sure if it's an official venue for meetings of the Scottish Nudists Association. There is one big disappointment though: 44 Scotland Street does not exist. We even went looking for it the other day. 

Not a single nudist in the garden. 

Number 43 is there, but no sign of number 44. 

PS. Here is a PDF of a walking trail "In the footsteps of 44 Scotland Street", the initiative of the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust. Make sure to visit the City of Literautre website if you're planning a trip to Edinburgh. 


  1. The photos of you look like they're straight off of the Satorialist. You look fabulous! (And I love your blog)

  2. Recently I too went in search of 44 Scotland Street only to discover the street ended in number 43! While a tad disappointed I can't say I was surprised. However. I did enjoy my visit: the atmosphere of the location and a large glass of Chardonnay in the vibrant Cumberland Bar.
    Stan Howes.