Five rooms

12 August 2011

I love Scandinavian interior design. When life gets a little bit too hectic, there is nothing better than curling up in an arm-chair under a woolen blanket, in a spacious room filled with the last rays of sunshine sipping in through the wooden shutters. We are attempting a small flat makeover and trust me, Edinburgh doesn't do Scandinavian, unless you happen to have a South-facing bay window. I will be posting a little bit about our progress, but for now, here are five rooms which I could move into right now.  






my ideas for our little transformation are:

- make the space as uncluttered as possible
- let in as much light as possible
- use layers of soft fabrics
- mix textures 
- have a typographic print on a wall
- create a focal point such as an armchair + a cusion + a side table and a lamp

Also, I'm considering learning Swedish so I can subscribe to

*all pictures via From Scandinavia with Love

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