Colors of Edinburgh

9 August 2011

Moray Place, Edinburgh

Harrison Park, Edinburgh

Yesterday, I was wondering whether you could say that a city is of a certain color. I remember the very first time I arrived in Edinburgh - it was right before Christmas on a short city break with my Sister and our Dad. Despite all the Christmas decorations and the winter wonderland in the Princes Street Gardens, I associated Edinburgh with being grey. Later on, when we moved here, it was the end of the summer. I would walk every day through the Meadows* on a way to the lectures, and look at the Arthur's Seat covered in a duvet of copper-colored plants. Clearly, the colors of any city would change with the seasons,  and would depend on the vegetation, architecture, local climate and culture, the way people dress etc. 
For me, Edinburgh stays grey but with hues of light blue and deep green. 

What's the color of your city?

*(it's not an actual meadow, just a name of a park)
Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh
PS. Color palettes above were created using Color Lovers Palettes tool, which may have just become my another color-related addiction. 

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