Color swatches

8 August 2011

Since we've been doing some DIY projects recently, I've become a little obsessed with colors. Color swatches in particular really appeal to my (slightly) pedantic nature. Yesterday I stumbled upon two amazing (and very addictive) internet tools which allow you to search through Flickr by color - PHOTOCOPA and BYO image photo lab). You can either choose a color from the palette or upload your own image and search for other pictures on the web by color. It's brilliant and so much fun. Above is the output of my searches for images in some pretty colors. 

Have a good (and hopefully not grey) Monday! 

PS. The image output of Photocopa uses images from Flickr, which can be copyrighted. If you can spot your image above and would like me to remove it from this site, please email me and I will do so immediately. 

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