18 August 2011

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I think. I would wake up earlier than I have to, only to be able to celebrate my breakfast, enjoy my morning cappuccino, read a couple of blogs. Normally, I try to eat healthily, but sometimes it's good to have a treat. Such as a wholegrain toast, with a thick slice of Jarlsberg or a toast with Brie and red onion chutney. Delicious breakfast can make my day.  

What do you usually have for breakfast? Sometimes I run out of ideas, so I'd love to hear what your favorite breakfast food is:)

PS. J can make THE best omelettes with jam. It's our Saturday tradition. 


  1. Ooh can I come to yours for breakfast please?! This looks gorgeous! My favourite breakfast treat is pancakes.

  2. Pancakes are amazing. We got a crepes frying pan as a wedding gift and you can make really thin French crepes really easily on it:) nutella and fried banana is my favorite filling (but so many calories!).