Summer reads

11 July 2011

Usually, my summer reads are by Latin American writers such as Isabel Allende, Garcia Marquez or Mario Vargas Llosa. There is something about the atmosphere of Ibero-American literaure that really appeals to my senses and imagination. Descriptions of food, scents, textures, folk wisdom and culture - it seems they all come together in a cauldron of magical realism, which is characteristic for these authors. Another thing I love about these books is that they always feature strong recourceful women. 

That's why I chose 'The Midnight Palace' as one of my holiday books. It was recommended in the  I-On  - a local lifestyle magazine. I heard about The Shadow of the Wind and I'd thought I'd give it a go. I read the first 15 pages and I couldn't carry on. It was too dark, tiring and not-pleasant at all.  It was not my cous-cous as one of the characters from my second holiday read would have said. 

So this time, although I was in a Spanish speaking country I read a book set in France - 'The price of Water in Finistére'. Now, this was a perfect book to read on holidays. It's written by a Swedish writer who leaves her home country to start a new life in Brittany. She writes beautifully and poetically about her first year in Finistére, about her garden, her neighbours, long afternoons on the porch. All of this from a perspective of a down-to-earth Swede who is in awe of the openess and carefree nature of the French lifestyle.It made me laugh more than any other book I read in a while. There is almost no plot to follow, just a sheer pleasure of reading amusing passages written in a beautiful language. 

That's why I read it twice. Back to back. I highly recommend it altough you may find this type of a book is not your cous-cous. 
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  1. I love Bodil Malmsten and I love that book too! Happy summer!

  2. Thank you:) have you read any other books by her? can you recommend any?