Lunch date

12 July 2011

Edinburgh is quite a small city if you compare it to other European capitals.  In that way it's an ideal place to take long walks.  One day, just before our vacation I was out shopping and reading in the park and Jakub texted  me to ask me out on a lunch date. We went to a small bistro called Urban Angel. It's a small café at the front and an informal restaurant at the back in one of the New Town's converted garden level flats.

The menu was simple and seasonal, which is always a bonus. We just had café lattes and home-made bread with olives, which were delicious. The bread was sprinkled with sea salt and some herbs, which made it a bit mediterranean. A couple sitting next to us ordered mussels, which smelt very tempting but we didn't have much time as Jakub had to go back to work. While I was at university I worked in a café and since then I've become more demanding (or should I say fussy?) when it comes to coffee.  Urban Angel's latte was a bit too foamy, but I liked the coffee blend they served.

It was a lovely sunny day. Not a common sight in Scotland...

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