Jazz in comics and a picnic in Inverleith park

24 July 2011

The weather yesterday was a-maz-ing. Really not a common sight in Scotland even in the middle of July. The car boot sale was a bit of a dissapointment. Jakub was tempted to buy some train sets, and we ended up leaving with two presies for me - Medical Genetics textbook (for a £1!) and a water paint of Paris.

Then, we went to the French Institute for the Bulles, Jazz, Blues exhibition. The exhibition was fun and interesting to see, but for us it was also a good excuse to see a very impressive Edinburgh townhouse from the inside - so impressive, with its grand staircase and the views over the Dean Valley. 

Isn't this couple on the left sweet?  Also, I want a dress just like the one in the top left picture in the comics on the right.

After stocking up on some pear cider, we ended up in the Inverleith park in Stockbridge. We ate almond cake, read magazines, admired the view, the clouds and sun bathed - it was a perfect Saturday afternoon. Stockbridge is my favourite neighborhood in Edinburgh. There are plenty of little thrift shops, fish- and cheese-mongers, wine merchants, two huge parks just a stone throw away. It feels like the kind of place where people would know each other's neighbours and the dog walkers would stop to chat with each other - a real sense of community. it may be just my first impression but I definitely want to live there one day. 

Can you spot the Edinburgh castle?

Hopefully, we'll have a couple more days like that this summer. Sometimes I wonder why we chose to live in a place where sunshine is such a rare luxury, but then I love that we can just walk around the city and get to the places we like without taking a single bus, that it's so leafy, that it has a feel of a town more than a capital, that there is still so much to discover about it. So we're staying. At least for another couple of years. 

* pictures from the exhibition Bulles, Jazz Blues - copyright by the French Institute in Edinburgh. 

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