Festivals are coming

28 July 2011

You can really tell that the festivals are just about to start: the city fills up with tourists, unicycle riders and sword swallowers, the gilded balloons and posters are going up and the city is buzzing. Festivals in Edinburgh are a bit of a friend and foe. It can get a bit overwhelming with 100s of shows per day and so many visitors, but it's also very exciting. This year I'm looking forward to the Fringe more than ever, mostly because I won't spend it working in a café for the first time, and hopefully we'll go to see lots of shows and street performers. I will post some pictures from this year later on, but I'm sure we will also try and get away from it all ad spend a lot of time out of the city in August. 

Are you planing to see any shows, if you live locally or are visiting? Do you have your favorite show that you go to every year? 

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