18 July 2011

via Camilla at home

by Rust Jewellery 

It already feels more like Autumn than summer here in Edinburgh. We get an occasional sunny spell, but most of the time the sky is covered with greyness. I don't mind too much. As long as the rain is not falling sideways, I'm fine. You know this time during school holidays when you used to start becoming a little restless and couldn't wait to go for 'back to school shopping' and to put your name on your brand new notebooks. Even though the school holidays are long gone, there is still something about this anticipation of autumn. Days become shorter, evenings and mornings are more chilly, people start wearing coats and scarfs and you feel like having a mug of cocoa. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I like Autumn. 

by Eylul Aslan via Pinterest

I'd love a pair of these from Anthropologie (I would like everything from Anthropologie but this would be a lovely start). 

Do you like Autumn? 

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